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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán greeted Hungarians across the borders in a letter ahead of the March 15 national holiday.

The letter, in accordance with a tradition of several years, will be read out at several local events. March 15, 1848, has a special place in world history, Orbán said in the letter. “Even from a distance of 175 years, we remember with awe of the day of pure light when the Hungarian nation won its freedom without bloodshed, in peace and cooperation,” it said. While Hungarians have shown many times that they are ready to fight when they are outnumbered, “we — much like other nations — prefer living in freedom to dying for it,” Orbán said. In the present “terrible” times, “we need the compass of Hungarian freedom more than ever,” he said.”We yearn for peace, we stand on the side of peace.” While Hungary respects other nations, it expects the same from “Brussels, Washington and Kyiv”, he said. “We see it as our moral duty to do all we can to silence the weapons, because this is the only way to guarantee the safety and livelihood of people in the Carpathian Basin,” he said.