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The MEPs of ruling Fidesz are calling for the drafting of a European peace plan to replace the “failed sanctions policy” and weapons deliveries to Ukraine, MEPs Kinga Gál and Tamás Deutsch said in Strasbourg on Wednesday. Speaking ahead of a plenary session of the European Parliament preparing for a European Union summit at the end of the month, Gál said European decision-makers failed to discuss peace even as the number of victims was climbing. European leaders, EP President Roberta Metsola among them, urge further weapon deliveries and a joint purchase of weapons, she said. That threatens the EU with being dragged into the war, and raises the spectre of a world war, she warned. “We need to broker peace to save lives and forestall further destruction. The conflict has only one solution: a ceasefire and peace talks,” Gál said.
Deutsch said Hungary’s was the “only pro-peace approach in a sea of slogans for war, sanctions and weapon deliveries”. Hungary and the Vatican stand together on their position for peace, he added. The EU should take active diplomatic steps in the interest of a ceasefire, peace talks, and ultimately peace, rather than promoting an “utterly failed” policy of sanctions and weapon deliveries, he said. To achieve that, Europe should draft a peace plan, he added.
Regarding the corruption scandal affecting the European Parliament, he said corruption in Brussels was “systemic”, affecting the operation of EU institutions, and called for “every detail” of the scandal to be brought to light. He added that “no meaningful steps” had been taken by any EU institutions on the matter, while the EP president rejected as “unnecessary” a proposal by Fidesz MEPs to adopt asset declarations of the kind the European Commission had found suitable for use in Hungary. Until European institutions resolve the matter of corruption in Brussels, “we will not accept any lecturing from any EU institutions on corruption”, he added.