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Tamás Deutsch, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, on Tuesday said they would “protect children against all intrigue and gender jihadist attacks”, adding that “it is parents’ inalienable right to educate their children.” Tamás Deutsch’s statement came in response to Momentum MEP Katalin Cseh’s appeal earlier on Tuesday, who asked her peers to convice their member states to join the European Commission’s lawsuit against Hungary, in an attempt to force the latter to repeal law amendments which the EC sees as discriminatory against the LGBTQ community. Speaking to Hungarian reporters in Strasbourg, Deutsch said “the Hungarian Dollar Left, as gender jihadists, are increasingly aggressive against Hungarian children and parents.” He called Cseh’s appeal “shameful”. “As a Hungarian MEP, she has taken active political steps to have other countries’ governments attack her homeland.” He slammed Cseh for “siding with the gender madness and LGBTQ propaganda that would sensitise children in schools and kindergartens.”
Earlier on Tuesday, Fidesz’s press chief accused Cseh of campaigning against Hungary in the EP with the aim of getting Hungary’s child protection law taken off the statute book. In a video statement on Tuesday, István Hollik referred an “astonishing” correspondence in the press in which Cseh appeals to fellow MEPs to convince their countries to join the lawsuit between the European Commission and Hungary on the side of the commission with a view to abolishing the child protection law. The ruling party politician said Cseh “and the Dollar Left” had set aside the opinion of “millions of people who responded in the referendum” on the law “making it clear that children must be protected”. Cseh’s letter, he added, also indicates her open support for LGBTQ organisations and their campaign against Hungary’s legislation. Hollik said the government would “protect our children from gender propaganda”. The sex education of children is the business of parents alone, he added.