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Concerning the war in Ukraine Hungary and Poland see eye to eye in terms of the goals, with “differences of opinion in terms of the methods only”, Zsolt Németh, the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said in Wrocław, where he handed over a bust of Hungary’s King Matthias (1443-1490) to a local museum on the occasion of Hungarian-Polish Friendship Day. Following his talks in Poland, Németh said the two countries were in agreement on “the two most crucial issues”, namely that Ukraine “must remain an independent country which is capable of preserving its territorial integrity”, and that both countries condemn Russia’s aggression. The Hungarian government is looking for ways to support Ukraine, Németh said, noting the areas of energy, reverse oil and gas supplies, as well as food exports. He also mentioned defence cooperation with Ukraine within which Ukrainian health professionals are trained in Hungary for the military. Concerning Russia, Németh said both Hungary and Poland “consider it a crucial goal that Russia should not pose a threat to our countries, NATO, and the EU”. Concerning the differences, Németh said Hungary and Poland did not share views on issues such as weapons deliveries to Ukraine or sanctions against Russia. He added, however, that the two countries’ approaches were “not in conflict, but they are not identical”.