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The world is closer than ever to a local conflict becoming world war, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told public radio on Friday.

“Leaders of the western world are gripped by war fever, holding speeches calling for winning the war and making further sacrifices, and sending increasingly dangerous weapons to Ukraine,” Orbán said. Rather than promoting peace unanimously, the world is divided: Turkic and Arab states, China and African countries want a ceasefire and peace talks, he said.
At the same time, Hungary is “basically the only” pro-peace European country besides the Vatican, he said. Pro-war countries are motivated as much by “business speculations, defence and economic policy considerations and calculations on post-war advantages” as by commitment to principles and faith, Orbán insisted.
Meanwhile, Hungary must have a strong military and promote peace at the same time, he said. Hungary needs a combat-ready army, and the government is working to increase the number of troops, their commitment to their homeland and vocation, their level of training, and their prestige, Orbán said. They must also be equipped with modern weapons, he said. “Being pro-peace doesn’t mean we have to be defenceless,” he said.