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Hungary is ready to continue taking a fair share in supporting the world's least developed countries to strengthen their stability and prevent future waves of migration, the foreign minister said in Qatar on Tuesday.

Péter Szijjártó told a UN conference in Doha that the negative effects of the war in neighbouring Ukraine directly affected Hungary, the ministry said in a statement. Though regional, the war’s consequences are felt around the world, he added. He said the war highlighted the fragility of the existing international system, with serious challenges appearing in global food and energy supplies which could lead to security risks. “Food shortages and increasing energy prices could lead to serious security risks in countries that have a low level of development and lack stability,” he said. This could easily lead to the spread of extreme ideologies and a growing sense of danger, which are among the main triggers of mass illegal migration, he said.
Europe faces serious security risks from the east, and it would barely handle a challenge from the south in the form of increased illegal migration, he added. “In the light of the war in Ukraine, it is more important than ever to support the least developed countries to prevent further mass waves of illegal migration,” he said.