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This winter has been the second warmest since 1901, after the winter of 2006/2007, the National Meteorological Service (OMSZ) said on Monday.
The average temperature in the winter months for the whole country was 3.1 C, 2.7 C warmer than in the 1991-2020 period, the service said. Average temperatures in southern parts of the country reached 4 C, while they stayed below 3 degrees in the northern hills and in the south-east. The number of winter days with sub-zero temperatures at night was 14, as opposed to 63 on average, while “winter days” with temperatures staying below zero all day numbered 3, as opposed to an average of 22. The warmest winter day, with a daily maximum of 20.6 C, was reported from Báta, in southern Hungary, on Feb. 21, while the coldest day was Dec. 13, at -15.3 degrees in Gagybátor, in the north. The OMSZ also said that in terms of precipitation, this winter had been better than previous ones, with 1.5 times more rain or snow than usual.