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The only way to save lives is through peace, not weapons deliveries or sanctions, Péter Szijjártó told MPs in parliament, calling on them to adopt a "pro-peace declaration" submitted by the ruling parties.

In a speech ahead of the debate, the foreign minister said the war had so far proved “disastrous”, with “hundreds of thousands dead, millions displaced, hundreds of thousands of families torn apart and thousands drafted forcefully, while whole regions are in ruins.” Although regional, he said, the war had global implications. He added that time was running out to stop it from turning into a world war. “Meanwhile, the European economy is floundering.” Szijjártó insisted that Europe and “the transatlantic region” were “in a state of war psychosis”. Some in Brussels, he said, saw weapons deliveries to Ukraine as a competition between the US and Europe in terms of who could provide more. Given that the war is situated in Europe, it is Europe that felt its negative effects “directly”, he added. As a neighbouring country, Hungary has firsthand experience of the suffering the war has caused. “This war cannot be won, it can only have losers”, Szijjártó said. The Hungarians of Transcarpathia are being drafted into the Ukrainian military, and some have already died, he said.