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President Katalin Novák arrived in New York on Sunday, where she gave a talk about the Christian roots of the Hungarian state and politics, and the religion’s social impact, at an event organised by the Bonum Commune Foundation.
Hungary is a Christian country “by definition and by its fate”, and that is reflected in its way of life and traditions, Novák told an audience of Christian intellectuals. The country’s efforts to help persecuted Christians worldwide have reached some 1 million people, she added. Hungarian politics is founded on the respect for work and human dignity, and the protection of family and children, she said. Hungarian family policy is rooted in Christian values. The government “doesn’t attempt to tell anyone how they should live” but supports young families in having children, as well as traditional families and values, she said. Families are also the ones to sacrifice the most in war-torn Ukraine, Novák noted. All the more reason to end the war “in the name of Christian values,” and move towards a ceasefire and peace talks, she said. Novák is scheduled to address a meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women in which she will focus on the importance of families.