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Peace in Ukraine would save lives, that is why the Hungarian government urges a ceasefire and immediate peace talks, the minister of foreign affairs and trade told Croatian news channel N1 on Sunday.

Concerning Hungary’s position, Péter Szijjártó referred to Ukraine’s ethnic Hungarian community, whose members are fighting in the Ukrainian military. “German or Danish soldiers do not die in this war but Hungarians do,” he said. The minister said he hoped the European and transatlantic communities would also adopt the Hungarian position. Hungary is “not part of the conflict” therefore “it is not up to the Hungarian government to say what should happen after a ceasefire,” Szijjártó said, but added that “geographical integrity and sovereignty must be observed”. “It is also clear who attacked whom, and Hungary condemns Russia for the war,” he said.
Answering a question suggesting that ending the war was up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Szijjártó said “there are clearly two parties in a war”, adding he hoped “they will talk because both will want sustainable peace”. Should the war escalate, it will not happen “thousands of kilometres away, but in the neighbouring regions … Hungary does not want to participate in this war”, he said.