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Hungary's security comes first, so Hungary "is not at war with anyone", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in an interview on Friday.

Orbán told public radio that the outbreak of the war in Ukraine had coincided with the general election campaign in Hungary, and the Hungarian leadership had made clear that “this is not our war”, while the left-wing opposition signalled their intention to comply with “what the international community says”. If they were in power, “we would be as mired in this war as the Germans are”, the prime minister said.
“It is in Hungary’s interest to stay out of the war,” Orbán said, adding that Hungarians had “chosen peace”. The government will continue to work to keep the country from being dragged into the war, in line with “the will of the people”, he said. Hungarian leftist politicians “funded by the West”, Orbán said, represented powers that “are using every means at their disposal to push Hungary into the war”. The ruling parties have made it clear that their priority is the country’s security. “We want a ceasefire and peace talks,” he said.