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Tamás Menczer, the foreign ministry state secretary for external relations, has called on local leaders of the Mukachevo (Munkács) district, in western Ukraine, to “immediately stop anti-Hungarian atrocities” such as “harassment and stripping the ethnic minority of their rights”. Menczer said on Facebook: “We do not precisely understand how anti-Hungarian decisions and measures help the war against Russia in Ukraine.” He added that all anti-Hungarian decisions and actions were unacceptable. “We condemn what has happened”. Menczer said it was important to note that “the unacceptable events” had all taken place in the Mukachevo district and not in other parts of Transcarpathia. He expressed hope that “we will not have to face” such anti-Hungarians measures anywhere else. “We call on local leaders to immediately stop anti-Hungarian atrocities,” he said, adding that Ukraine’s national leaders should “make every effort, without delay, to have the anti-Hungarian measures withdrawn and the status quo ante restored.” Hungary expects Ukraine’s leaders to make every effort to ensure that, despite the war, stability in Transcarpathia is maintained, the state secretary said. “If Ukraine wants to be a European Union member, then it is unacceptable to systematically harass an ethnic minority and strip them of their rights,” he said.