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Fresh polling data shows that Hungary’s ruling parties, with support of 56% of the electorate, could end up with 16 out of Hungary’s 21 European parliamentary mandates. The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), with support of 14%, would receive 3 EP mandates, while Momentum and the radical Mi Hazánk parties (both with 6%) would each secure a single mandate, according to a survey the Nézőpont Institute released on Monday. Each of the other parties on their own (combined support of 18%) would fail to clear the 5% parliamentary threshold, the survey found.
“If DK and Momentum managed to entice voters from those parties, it would obviously impact the number of their mandates,” Nézőpont said, adding that in 2019 both parties took away votes from the green LMP party. In the phone poll of 1,000 people conducted from Jan. 2 to 4, more than 50% of respondents declared an intention to participate in the vote.
The governing Fidesz and Christian Democratic parties maintained a stable lead with 48% support, while DK had the support of 7%. Mi Hazánk had the backing of 5%, while Momentum was on 3% and the Socialist Party and LMP each had 1%. Párbeszéd, formerly led by Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony, registered zero support, Nézőpont said.
The pollster said that a strong sign of the opposition side’s woes was that the satirical Two-Tailed Dog party, which has called for the entire opposition to be replaced, had the support of 4%.