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The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat coalition “holds the elderly in high esteem”, while “if the leftist parties were in power there would be no 13th month pensions nor pension hikes, and there would be no cap on utility and food prices,” Christian Democrat lawmaker Lőrinc Nacsa said in a video published on Tuesday. Nacsa pointed to the “hard times in Europe resulting from the war in Ukraine and the ill-advised sanctions by Brussels” but added that Hungary’s seniors could always rely on assistance from the ruling parties. Nacsa said the government was committed to retaining the 13th months pension, and also noted that seniors had been given a 15% pension hike as of January 1.
The elderly “cannot expect help from the Left”, Nacsa said, and insisted that leftist governments had “crucified” seniors through scrapping the earlier system of 13th month pensions and “letting pensions lose their value”. “They increased the price of gas threefold and doubled the price of electricity, they introduced pay-for health services and introduced an exorbitant VAT on food products,” he said.