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The European Commission on Thursday granted its approval to the partnership agreement with Hungary concerning cohesion funding to the country in the 2021-2027 budgeting period.

The funds, due to Hungary under the agreement, will be used to improve Hungary’s administrative capacity, promote transparency and the prevention of graft, as well as environmental purposes and investments aimed at digitalisation, the commission said. The agreement includes a detailed roadmap for Hungary to take measures in terms of administrative capacity and to handle issues around such areas as transparency of public procurement, effectiveness of anti-corruption measures, prevention of fraud and conflicts of interest, as well as improving the capacities of the recipients of cohesion funds, the EC said. It added that “this roadmap has close links with the Recovery and Resilience Plan and Rule of Law Conditionality process”. The funds, totalling nearly 22 billion euros, will help Hungary contribute to such common priorities as a balanced rural development, a fair environmental and digital transition, while they will support building an innovative and inclusive welfare market, the commission said.