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The prime minister, addressing an international press conference on Wednesday, hailed Hungary's "exceptional performance" in what he called the country's "most difficult year" since its change of regime.

Among extraordinary achievements, Viktor Orbán mentioned the general election, the country’s managing to stay out of the war in Ukraine, its withstanding the pressure of migration, as well as Hungary’s ability to finance higher energy prices, preserve its work-based society, and strike an agreement with the EU concerning community funding.
Staying out of the war in Ukraine will continue to be of paramount importance for the country, he said, adding that another top priority was to ensure economic growth as opposed to recession elsewhere in Europe.
In the April election, he said, voters had rejected “foreign interference” as well as the “dollar-financed left”, adding that “I don’t think this will change anytime soon.” He said the vote had been a “real freedom fight for Hungary to defend its independence and sovereignty” as “international players participated in the vote with unprecedented force”. “Some three billion dollars were up against three million voters and the latter won,” he said. Voters achieved “the most important thing: a stable, capable and predictable government”, he said.