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Orbán stressed that the existence of an independent and sovereign Ukraine was also in Hungary’s national interest. Hungary does not have an interest in the permanent separation of the European and the Russian economies, so an attempt should be made to save whatever can be from the economic cooperation with Russia, he added. Hungary does not want to get dragged into the war, but wants to give Ukraine the help dictated by humanity, he said.
As regards Hungary’s relations with Poland, Orbán said the two nations shared a common fate on the basis of history, which gave them a strong friendship. Also, Hungary and Poland agree on the strategic goal of the war to ensure that Russia is not a threat to European security as well as on the need for a sovereign Ukraine between Russia and the rest of Europe, he said. But the Poles believe that the Ukrainians are also fighting for their freedom and security, Orbán said, adding that in his view, Ukrainians were “fighting heroically” for their own homeland. Hungary is not protected by Ukraine, but by itself and NATO, he said.
Asked if the Hungarian government maintained its offer to host ceasefire or peace talks, Orbán said the offer was open, but added that such talks were not hindered “by a lack of venue” but “because of the warring parties or the powers behind them have not yet made such a decision”. “Basically US-Russia talks are needed … without such talks there will be no peace,” he said.
Hungary participates in providing training for Ukrainian military health personnel for a humanitarian reason, Orbán said.
The prime minister said he was not planning on a visit to Kyiv. He added that he had personally met Russian President Vladimir Putin in February for the last time, and that they had not talked by phone since the late Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev’s funeral.