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Asked about Hungary’s border fence, Orbán said that even though the authorities had thwarted 250,000 illegal entry attempts this year, some migrants are still successful in breaking through the fence. And even though some 2,500 people smugglers have been jailed, there will be further people embarking on the trade, he added. Orbán noted the recent establishment of the border patrol regiment. Hungary welcomes Croatia’s accession to the passport-free Schengen zone, he said, noting that this will allow the country to move patrols to the Hungary-Serbia border, “which means that we’ll be more effective than before”. The prime minister also said that Hungary had reached an agreement with Serbia and Austria on forming a border protection alliance. Their first task, he said, would be to push the line of defence on the Serbia-Hungary border to the North Macedonia-Serbia border. The plan is to strengthen the Serbia-Bulgaria border the same way, he added.