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Hungary expressed its solidarity with Ukraine and welcomed the 18 billion euro European Union aid package to be given to its north-eastern neighbour, at an international conference in Paris on Tuesday, a foreign ministry official said. Péter Sztáray, state secretary in charge of security policy, told MTI that 46 countries had offered financial and humanitarian aid to Ukraine at the donor conference. He said Hungary had been providing wide-ranging aid to Ukraine since the start of the war. Hungary plans to continue to help keep Ukraine functioning and ease humanitarian difficulties, he said, noting that the country was providing the country power generators to ensure energy supply, as well as laptops to Ukrainian schoolchildren. Hungary also provides hospital treatment to wounded Ukrainian soldiers, organises camps for Ukrainian children and provides care for refugees, Sztáray said, adding that the country will also ship 10,000 tonnes of grain worth 3.5 billion US dollars to Africa.
Energy remains the most vulnerable area for Ukraine, the state secretary said, noting that many parts of the neighbouring country had no heating or lights. Ukraine is therefore asking for generators, equipment to repair their energy infrastructure and LED lightbulbs, he said. Concerning the EU’s 18 billion euro aid package approved on Monday, Sztáray said a portion of the funds would have to be used to strengthen Ukraine’s institutional system and improving the framework of the rule of law. Hungary considers inclusive legislation improvement important, meaning that it should help every part of society, including national minorities, Sztáray said.