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Former Czech prime minister Andrei Babiš said after inspecting the Hungarian-Serbian border section that illegal migration was organised by human smugglers who collect billions of euros from those that flee their countries and are encouraged to leave their home with promises of a better life.
Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said Serbia had introduced two measures against illegal migration. In line with an EU request, it stopped the issuance of visas for the citizens of four countries, and strengthened the protection of borders with North Macedonia and Bulgaria.
In response to a question, Novák said it was not in Europe’s interest to keep Romania and Bulgaria outside the Schengen area. “This is also connected with migration because external borders are easier to protect if they are closer to the countries of origin,” she added. In response to another question, Novák said the war in Ukraine posed a serious challenge to Europe and a great part of the world. In addition to the direct effects of the war, challenges include inflation, economic difficulties and hitches in energy supply, she said. One of the solutions is to strengthen Europe’s energy independence, she said, adding that leaders who are able to effectively handle economic difficulties were needed. Novák said she agreed with a journalist’s suggestion that stronger police presence was needed along the Hungarian-Serbian border.