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The Socialist Party has started to prepare for the local and European parliamentary elections in 2024, the party leadership said on Saturday, after the final board meeting of the year. István Hiller, the board’s chairman, told an online press briefing that the party was ready to “cooperate with all democratic forces … to weaken the Fidesz regime.” Co-leader Ágnes Kunhalmi noted that the local elections will be held on the same day as the European parliamentary elections in 2024. The opposition will be successful only if they field one candidate against the Fidesz candidate in each constituency, she said, and proposed primary elections to select them.
Co-leader Imre Komjáthi spoke of the importance of the European parliamentary elections for Hungary, which he said was “isolated” in the EU. “Fidesz MEPs have eroded its credibility”. The Socialists are ready to run on their own, but are open to cooperation with other “democratic opposition” parties, he said.