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Parliament has approved the energy ministry’s report on the implementation of Hungary’s 4th Environment Protection Plan and adopted the 5th environmental programme. The new plan is aimed at improving Hungary’s natural environment, promoting protection of the quality of life of families and communities, protecting natural values and resources, as well as making the economy greener and more circular, the ministry said. The overall aim is to make Hungary one of the most liveable countries in Europe by 2030 in which “to live and work in a safe and clean environment”.
Measures outlined in the programme will contribute to easing Hungary’s dependency on certain energy sources and to increasing its competitiveness. Increasing recirculation of waste and reducing the volume of illegal waste, as well as promoting sustainable lifestyles and consumption, are key objectives. The plan also aims at reducing pollutants and greenhouse gases, preserving biological diversity and re-cultivating the damaged natural environment, promoting environment-friendly transport and the use of renewable energies, the ministry said. The government plans to use a large amount of funds from the European Union’s 2021-27 budget to finance water management projects, building and running circular economic systems, renewable energies and other key areas of environment protection, it added.