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Central bank governor György Matolcsy ‘recited, repeated’ the election programme of the opposition Mi Hazánk when he spoke about the situation of Hungary’s economy in parliament’s economic committee earlier this week, party leader László Toroczkai said on Tuesday. Mi Hazánk kept saying that the high 2021 budget deficit generated major problems and that inflation in Hungary was caused, among other factors, by the low productivity of the monopoly-hit food industry, he told a press conference.
Toroczkai criticised the government for what he called the country’s disastrous situation and its failure to put the food industry back on its feet over the past 12 years. Nor has the government done anything to change its energy policy since 2010, he added. Mi Hazánk opposes the government raising “giga loans” from China or the IMF, he said. Should it still take such loans, the hundreds of billions of forints should be used for economic transformation, Toroczkai said.