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Regarding Hungary’s access to EU funding, Orbán said “Brussels is unfair with Hungary” due to fundamental differences in opinion and political reasons, but an agreement must be sought regardless. The EU’s refusal to approve Hungary’s recovery plan for the past 18 months was “for obvious political reasons”. “They don’t like the Hungarian government” because of differences of opinions on fundamental issues, he added. Brussels would have preferred a left-wing government to enter power after the general election and they “rolled the dollars to the left wing to help them win” instead of giving the money to the country, he said. After the elections were won by the right wing, the European Commission was forced to negotiate with Hungary, he added.
Orbán said patience was needed because “we must seek an agreement” despite the EC repeatedly setting new conditions.
The government, however, will refuse to change its position on certain basic issues, such as migration, allowing sexual propaganda in schools and the introduction of sanctions, he said.
Meanwhile, the government is calculating with a 1.5% growth rate, which would be enough to maintain the utility price caps, which leave 181,000 forints (EUR 440) with families on average every month, Orbán said. “If Hungary’s government, entrepreneurs and employees work well” in the coming years, Hungary could avoid going into recession, Orbán said.