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The latest census in Hungary has been completed by the deadline by 4.6 million households and 9.2 million individuals, or 96% of the estimated population, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said on Tuesday. Questionnaires were filled out electronically in person and online between October 1 and 19, the KSH noted in a statement, in what was the last traditional census in Hungary. Fully 7 million individual questionnaires were returned from 3.2 million households online in three weeks — an outstandingly short period of time in international comparison, it said. For the first time in Hungary, the census was carried out fully electronically, while missing data was filled in from state databases. Data for the next census will be supplied from administrative sources, KSH said. Preliminary data will be published in the first quarter of 2023, while detailed data is scheduled to be released in the autumn. Decision-makers, researchers and economists will make use of the data, while market researchers and statisticians will also have access to the results for compiling indicators such as GDP per capita, income or consumption. The results will also provide important information about local supply, service and infrastructure needs, as well as aiding businesses to plan their activities with greater certainty.