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The Hungarian Ecumenical Charity has been one of the first organisations to deliver fast aid to people in Ukraine’s recently liberated Kherson city, the charity said on Tuesday, adding that 30 tonnes of food, drinking water, and toiletries loaded on two trucks have reached its destination. The charity said the city had no heating, water supply or electricity, with nearly 80,000 inhabitants relying on humanitarian aid to get food, while missile and artillery attacks by the Russian army are ongoing. The charity quoted Barnabás Szatmári, head of its Kyiv representation, as saying the aid would help the city’s neediest in some 3,500 households. He added that his organisation was making preparations for further shipments to the region. According to the statement, the Ecumenical Charity has helped some 200,000 Ukrainians both in Ukraine and Hungary since the outbreak of the war, delivering aid totalling 1,300 tonnes. The charity’s programme is part of an international effort which also involves financial aid and counselling services, the statement added.