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Support for equestrian programmes should continue, no matter how hard times are to come, the state secretary for policy for Hungarian communities abroad in the Prime Minister’s Office said in Târgu Mureș (Marosvásárhely) on Friday. “A love for horses is part of the Hungarian and Szekler identity,” Árpád János Potápi told the 3rd Szekler Land’s Equestrian Forum, a closing event of the Transylvanian Equestrian Programme supported by the Hungarian government. Potápi noted that his office had allocated 220 million forints (EUR 533,000) to support 80 equestrian associations in Transylvania this year. “Besides financial support, the equestrian sector can thrive through a cooperation of its players and through sharing experience,” he told public media after the forum. Tibor Kolozsvári, a municipal councillor for Harghita County and the local commissioner of the programme, said “equestrian sport is undergoing a Renaissance in Szekler Land” with 2,000 children active in horse-riding in Transylvania and over 10,000 people participating in horse-riding events.