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Lawmakers on Tuesday passed a law on setting up an independent energy ministry and a new ministry in charge of economic development.
The government explained the decision to establish a stand-alone energy ministry with the need for an integrated management of energy affairs in a period when energy prices keep fluctuating because of the war in Ukraine and Brussels’ energy sanctions. It also said energy security has become the “most important” issue in Hungary and Europe as a whole. The energy ministry headed by Csaba Lantos will start operating as of December 1.
Under the law passed on Tuesday, a new ministry for economic development will be set up as of January 1. The ministry will be headed by Márton Nagy, who has served as economic development minister without portfolio. Under the law, the construction and investment ministry will be renamed the construction and transport ministry. The law was passed with 134 votes in favour, 50 against and five abstentions. The establishment of the new energy ministry brings the number of ministries to 12.