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In times of crisis the government must take action to ease problems rather than waiting them out, Viktor Orbán told public radio. "Hungary won't give in," he declared.

The prime minister said in the interview to Kossuth Rádió that he had “led the country through three crises: the financial crisis left behind by the Gyurcsány government, the migration crisis, and the Covid crisis … I’ve learned that even if problems emanate from outside, if you freeze, if you stop dead, then you’re ruined.” Orbán insisted that Hungary must stay pro-active and protect its fundamental values. “I often tell cabinet members that our starting point should be that Hungary won’t give in.”
A ceasefire and peace talks are needed to resolve the war in Ukraine, Orbán said. “Sanctions policies are another step towards war,” he said. “Anyone who intervenes in a conflict [using sanctions] also takes a position which is a step towards one of the warring parties; in other words in the direction of war,” he said. If Europe “sees itself as part of the war”, it will be drawn into it, and the dangers to Hungary will grow, Orbán said.