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Hungary and Israel are promoters of peace, President Katalin Novák said after bilateral talks with Isaac Herzog, her Israeli counterpart, in Jerusalem. Ties between Hungary and Israel are very strong, and the governments continue to preserve and strengthen them in economy and politics, she said in a press statement.
Hungary has taken a stance for peace, and Israel is also committed to it, Novák said. Hungary condemns “Putin’s aggression” and wants peace, she added. All nations have a right to peace; Israeli and Hungarian people “have a first-hand experience of that,” she said. “Israel is protecting strongly its people and country, which we can learn and draw consequences from,” she said.
The alliance between Hungary and Israel is “unshakeable”, and Hungary has taken a stand for Israel many times at international forums, she said. Hungary is proud to be home to Europe’s third largest Jewish community, and Jewish culture is “seeing a renaissance” in the country, she said. Hungary will continue to support Israel and do everything in its power so that its Jewish citizens live in as safe an environment as possible, she added.