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Recent events are proof that all international alliances must now focus on strengthening defence capabilities, Defence Minister Kristóf Szalay-Bobrovniczky said after talks with Israeli counterpart Benny Gantz in Jerusalem. An effective and systemic defence force must be developed, he said. The Hungarian government launched its multi-year defence force development project in 2017, he noted. Thanks to acquisitions and defence industry developments, Hungary can fulfil its international obligations at a high level in addition to being able to protect the country and the Hungarian people, he added.
Hungarian-Israeli relations work based on historical experiences, common values and interests, he said. The two countries have maintained “close and excellent relations” for a long time, including in defence, he added. Under the arrangements of the Hungarian armed forces development scheme, “considerable Israeli ties have been established” in the defence industry which has gained new impetus and is now considered “a new cylinder in the engine of the Hungarian economy”, he said. Parts of a new radar system are expected to arrive from 2023, and Hungarian-made components will be incorporated from 2025, he added.