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A pilgrimage organised by the defence ministry was paid to commemorate Hungarian soldiers who had fallen at the Doberdò and Isonzo battlefields in northern Italy in the first world war, marking All Souls Day, a state secretary of the ministry said on Monday. The pilgrims paid their tribute at a chapel at Redipuglia and later in the Austro-Hungarian military cemetery in Fogliano, Tamás Vargha told MTI. At the “Capella Ungherese” Hungarian chapel in the village of Visintini in Doberdò Del Lago, Antal Spányi, the bishop of Székesfehérvár, consecrated a new bell prepared from donations of Székesfehérvár residents, he said. They also paid their tribute to Hungarian soldiers who died at the front on the Isonzo and at Doberdò, Vargha added. The state secretary expressed thanks to his Italian and Slovene colleagues over the maintenance of the memorial sites set up near the battlefields where several tens of thousands of soldiers serving in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy’s army died. The Battle of Doberdò was one of the bloodiest battles of the first world war. Some 100,000 Hungarian soldiers were killed in battles along the Isonzo river in 1915-16.