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The Hungarian community in Latvia can count on Hungary, the prime ministerial commissioner for Hungarian communities abroad, Katalin Szili, said after returning home from Riga. During her three-day visit, Szili met the president of the Balaton Association of Hungarians living in Latvia, Sándor Molnár, and assured all Hungarian communities of the country’s staunchest support.
Molnár paid tribute to the work of the Hungarian embassy in Riga in providing help for the Hungarian community there, which is largely made up of Hungarians of Subcarpathian origin.
Szili emphasised the importance of their Hungarian hinterland, especially in light of the war in Ukraine, and she noted the undertaking of responsibility for preserving the culture of the Hungarian diaspora in the Fundamental Law. Hungarian communities abroad are important regardless of their size, she said, adding that they were “an inseparable part of the Hungarian nation”.
Meanwhile, Szili said tensions in Latvia owing to the war in Ukraine were a matter of concern. Whereas the Hungarian community was not affected by this tension directly, she said, it was important that measures initiated by EU member states should not hinder the cause of national minorities in any European country when it comes to their linguistic and cultural rights.
Szili attended a Hungarian evening of film screenings organised by the embassies of the Visegrád Group of countries.