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Green opposition party LMP has called for a national energy summit, the introduction of an energy price cap for municipalities, and the promotion of green energy through government subsidies. At a press conference streamed on Facebook, the party’s welfare and family affairs spokesperson Krisztina Hohn said the energy crisis was felt by every Hungarian, adding that LMP urged the government to introduce measures to manage the crisis, such as promoting the use of renewable energy by households, institutions as well as municipalities. Hohn said municipalities, often facing tenfold price increases, were unable to cope with soaring energy prices. Even if local councils did everything possible, they would still not be able to cut their energy consumption by more than 20-25% during the winter, she added.
Hohn said as many green solutions as possible should be offered for the operation of municipal institutions, such as solar panels, biogas and wind power, adding that the end of the energy crisis was not yet in sight. She called on the government to provide subsidies for these rather than restricting the construction of wind farms and penalising the installation of solar systems.