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A delegation of the European Parliament's culture and education committee has paid a visit to Hungary’s national media authority NMHH and held talks with its president, the communications directorate of the authority said.

András Koltay briefed the delegation led by Sabine Verheyen about the Hungarian media market, media pluralism and the application of EU laws in Hungary, NMHH said in a statement on Friday. Koltay also gave the delegation an outline of the authority’s tasks and operation concerning the broadcast system, frequency management and supervision of postal services. The NMHH president told committee members that the authority operates as an independent organisation and carries out its supervisory and regulatory duties in line with EU laws and regulations. Asked about the local media market and news consumption, Koltay said that it was diverse with thousands of media outlets operating in Hungary. He described local news consumption also as diverse, noting availability of numerous sources of information. The situation of media pluralism in Hungary and the Hungarian position in connection with the planned European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) and digital services were also discussed at the meeting.