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Preserving Christianity is a task enshrined in the Hungarian basic law, the state secretary for aiding persecuted Christians said at the inauguration of a new section of the Armenian Catholic Church’s house in Budapest. Addressing the ceremony, Tristan Azbej said Christianity is “a power” that has been essential in preserving Hungary’s statehood over the past thousand years. He noted the Hungary Helps programme launched by the government to aid persecuted Christians around the world and the 90 million forint (EUR 220,000) contribution to the new section.
Cardinal Péter Erdő, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest and head of the Hungarian Catholic Church, said at the ceremony that the Armenian Catholic community had long been an integral part of Hungarian society. The cardinal was joined by Patriarch Raphael Bedros (Peter) Minassian XXI, head of the Armenian Catholic Church, in consecrating the new section.