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A stable Israeli government led by Benjamin Netanyahu and a Republican win at the US midterm elections later this week would raise hope for peace in the Middle East, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in Jordan on Wednesday.

Reacting to the Tuesday elections in Israel at a panel discussion at the Amman Security Forum, Szijjártó welcomed what he called a “realistic chance for Netanyahu’s return”, noting that Netanyahu was the leader to sign the Abraham Accords which normalised Israel’s relations with several Arab states.
He said the midterm elections in the United States next Tuesday also looked “promising”. A stable Netanyahu government in Israel and Republican majority in the US Congress would be the “most promising and hopeful development” for peace and security in the Middle East, he said. The region’s security has a direct effect on European security, Szijjártó said, calling for the continuation of the peace process “started by former president Donald Trump”.
The Abraham Accords was the first tangible result in the peace process after years of failed attempts, he said, adding that Trump’s achievements in promoting dialogue between Israel and four Arab states should be acknowledged. “The moral is that we need real leaders who are strong and brave enough to open communication channels between parties that are in grave conflict,” he said.