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Hungarian communities are successful if they are politically organised as the example of ethnic Hungarians in Croatia shows, Árpád János Potápi, the state secretary in charge of policies for Hungarian communities abroad at the prime minister’s office, said in Kopacevo (Kopács), in north-eastern Croatia, on Saturday. If they are politically organised and “the ethnic Hungarians can get representation in parliament, then the majority nation and politicians will also pay attention to them and, for various interests, they will work together, and can work together well,” he said at the annual meeting of the Hungarian Democratic Community of Croatian Hungarians (HMDK). “Strengthening the system of political institutions is always in the interest of Hungarians, in order to be able to support and strengthen our nation and parts of our nation,” he added. Potápi extended his congratulations to HMDK on the occasion of its 30th anniversary and described the party as the most important political organisation and interest representation of ethnic Hungarians in Croatia.