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The long-term solution to the ongoing energy crisis is for Europe to procure as much energy from as many directions as possible, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after talks with Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili.

Orbán signed a strategic partnership agreement with Georgian Garibashvili in Budapest. In their joint statement to the press, Orbán said energy prices would go down from increased supply, which was in Hungary’s fundamental interest, as the country “is fighting inflation, which in large part is caused by high energy prices”. Plans are to set up a new large electricity line system that would deliver energy from Azerbaijan to Hungary via Georgia and Romania, he said.
This could be used to replace a large amount of natural gas that Hungary currently uses to generate electricity, Orbán said. Instead, Hungary would now receive electricity directly, he added.
Meanwhile, Orbán criticised the “discriminatory” decision by Brussels to grant EU candidate status to Moldova and Ukraine but not Georgia. Georgia’s efforts over the past years make it deserving of candidate status, the prime minister said, adding that the decision taken in Brussels was “disrespectful” to the Georgian people and nation. Hungary continues to support granting Georgia candidate status as quickly as possible, Orbán said.