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Africa needs to have high-quality education because it will “not only contribute to appropriate living standards but will help prevent mass migration, too”, György Hölvényi, MEP of Hungary’s co-ruling Christian Democrats, told MTI on Wednesday. Hölvényi spoke on the sidelines of a conference that he had initiated to discuss ways of providing education for youth in refugee camps, war zones or in other crisis situations. Noting the inadequacy of the education system in Africa, the MEP said the continent would need some two million new teachers by 2030 just to maintain the current level of education. Some 40% of schools in Africa are run by religious organisations, Hölvényi said, regretting that churches could not access community funding. “The European Union gladly lectures others and tells them what they should do, but it would not consider the actual opportunities,” he said, adding that the conference had provided an opportunity for the EU to learn about the actual needs from local, African experts. At least 10% of the EU’s funds given to developing countries is spent on education, Hölvényi said, adding that it was an “encouraging start” but he also called for closer cooperation with local organisations so that those moneys are made the best use of.