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It is vital to provide funding necessary for solving the problems caused by the climate and water crises, János Áder, the former Hungarian president, told a preparatory meeting for the 2023 United Nations Water Conference in New York. One dollar invested today will save six dollars in avoided recovery costs, Áder said on Tuesday local time, citing economists. “The climate and water crisis is already here,” he said. “Though we tried, we were unable to prevent it.”
The world must now adapt to the crisis, Áder said, adding that global, regional and local climate data was needed to determine what needs to be done to overcome it and how much this would cost. The world has the knowledge and technology needed to overcome the problems caused by the crisis, he said, adding that the question was whether it can provide the resources “that transform the intention to act into actual political and economic action”. Áder proposed that a “plan B” should be formulated in case the world is unable to provide the money needed to address the crisis. This would involve launching pilot projects to prove that such investments are worthwhile, he said.
The projects, he said, could be similar to the development of sewage treatment in Africa, where 80% of wastewater is discharged untreated, creating serious environmental, economic, social and health problems. Prior to the meeting, the participants met UN ambassadors to discuss the incorporation of the climate and water crises and data-based decision-making into the 2023 Water Conference.