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“In the absence of Western support, the Soviet leaders … turned back the tanks, and set up military oppression and a communist puppet government in Hungary for another 35 years,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, addressing an event in Zalaegerszeg marking the 66th anniversary of Hungary’s 1956 anti-Soviet revolution. “The blood of Hungarians was not appreciated by the West, which first encouraged the Hungarians, but failed to offer help when needed,” he said.
The prime minister said that although the heroes of the revolution had been of very different backgrounds, their inspiration had been the same: a love for a free Hungary. “They took every risk because they believed that they could succeed; and their hope was not unfounded, because in 1956 Hungary stood a real chance of gaining independence,” Orbán said.
Hungarians, he added, had remained tough and determined, and they finally won in 1990, regaining their free and independent country. “From this, the whole world can understand that anyone who wants to oppress us is doomed to failure,” Orbán said. “We have to simultaneously fight the invasion of migrants in the south, the war in the East and the economic crisis in the West,” the prime minister said, adding that “we were here when the first conquering empire attacked us, and we will be here when the last one collapses.”