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Viktor Orbán said "we're able to protect Hungary's interests both at home and abroad", in his address marking the 66th anniversary of Hungary's 1956 anti-Soviet revolution.

“In 1956, we learnt that joining our forces was the only way to come through hard times,” Viktor Orbán said at the inauguration of a visitors’ centre in the city of Zalaegerszeg, in western Hungary, dedicated to the late Cardinal József Mindszenty. “So we should not worry about those who are sniping at Hungary from the shadows or from the heights of Brussels; they will end up in the same place as their predecessors,” he said, insisting that ever since Hungary had been governed by a conservative government, the country had emerged from every crisis stronger than it was before entering it. “We’re prepared now, too: we will preserve the stability of the country; everyone will have a job, and families will not be left on their own,” Orbán said, adding that the government had the strength and the experience to achieve those goals.
The West left Hungary high and dry in 1956, he said. “They put us on the cover of the Time Magazine, then left us under the Soviet yoke for forty years,” he said. “Only Hungarians can defend their own truth against threats,” Orbán said.