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Opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) MEP Klára Dobrev recently discussed the ongoing rule-of-law procedure against Hungary and the linked question of European Union funding, NATO enlargement and other topics with the leaders of the embassies of 25 European countries. At an online press conference after her talks, Dobrev said she had made it clear at the meeting that “every single euro cent” Hungary would receive must be channelled to Hungarian civil groups, small businesses and local councils. EU monies “must never again be entrusted to the corrupt regime which has been stealing a large part of the funds for the last 12 years”, she insisted. The system of EU funds should be changed, Dobrev said, arguing that this was the only guarantee of the monies landing where they were needed.
Noting her own past legislative proposals, Dobrev said her shadow cabinet would join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), make the courts and the public prosecutor’s office “politically independent”, change the way the Constitutional Court works, which she said currently restricted the rule of law, and restore “balanced reporting and press freedom”. Concerning her shadow cabinet’s policy of alliances, Dobrev said members of DK considered themselves European and Hungarian citizens and believed that Hungary “unquestionably” belonged in the EU.
As regards Finland’s and Sweden’s plan to join NATO, she said the defence alliance was the only entity that could guarantee Hungary’s security, adding that boosting its defence capabilities was Hungary’s national interest.
Ruling Fidesz said in response that Dobrev had for all intents and purposes “admitted today that she is not only working behind the scenes to undermine Hungary but openly runs a roadshow in an effort to prevent Hungary from getting EU resources and for them to return to power”. “Preaching about democracy, Mrs Gyurcsány has failed to notice that Hungarians have sent clear messages through democratic elections several times that they do not want them,” Fidesz said.