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Hungary has done everything in its power to strengthen its economy, especially its innovation capacity, László Palkovics, the minister of technology and innovation, said on Friday, at the inauguration of new research facilities at the ZalaZone Research and Technology Centre. Palkovics told the event on the outskirts of Zalaegerszeg, in southwest Hungary, that cooperation between the industrial, academic and education sectors, as well as government and local authorities, has resulted in a “world-class environment for research institutes”. Zalaegerszeg mayor Zoltán Balaicz said the “eco-system built on the outskirts of the city comprises industrial production, R&D and a background of academic [knowledge] and services. Thanks to all that, Zalaegerszeg is in a position to weather hard times easier than others,” he said. ZalaZone CEO András Háry noted that the main building of the research centre was inaugurated in 2019. Since then, a test track for aut nomous vehicles, a Rheinmetall plant for army vehicles and other developments housing education and services were added, he said.