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Hungarians need a capable army that can guarantee peace and serve as a deterrent, "because those who won't have strength won't be right, either", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Budapest over the weekend.

Addressing an oath-taking ceremony of volunteer soldiers and the inauguration of Lynx armoured infantry fighting vehicles, Orbán said it was time to “revive the military spirit within us”, arguing that a nation incapable of doing so “will certainly fail in the future”. “There are nations that have already begun making preparations and we can’t fall behind in this, either,” he said. “We can’t bury our head in the sand like an ostrich,” Orbán said, adding that “if things keep going as they are, the sanctions will shake Europe”. He said it also appeared that Europe would have to prepare itself for a protracted war. Orbán said the inauguration of the Lynx combat vehicles marked an important milestone of Hungary’s ongoing military upgrade. “We are now living in a time when we have good reason to discover threats at the country’s borders,” he said, noting the war in Ukraine and the flow of weapons from the West to the frontlines. Also, Hungary’s borders are under siege by groups of armed illegal migrants, he added.