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“Had sanctions been done right, energy prices would not be soaring,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Berlin, adding: “Sanctions could have been launched in such a way that we shan’t destroy ourselves energy-wise, but the commission has failed to do so”. “So when it comes to sanctions I’m must say I have a problem and … unless you come and help I will use my veto … you cannot kick Hungarians aside and into a corner,” Orbán said. Concerning energy imports from Russia, Orbán said it was uncertain whether Moscow would resume supplies, “especially when certain groups are launching terrorist attacks and blowing up pipelines” and “they could not deliver even if they wanted to”. “We are very concerned that the same could happen to the last remaining high-volume pipeline, the South Stream,” he said. “Russian gas or oil in themselves are not bad; the problem is that there is nothing else and we are vulnerable.” “The question is not whether the Russians can supply us but how many potential suppliers we have and if there is competition between energy suppliers,” Orbán said.