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Working towards a peaceful resolution to the war in Ukraine is of paramount importance, Viktor Orbán said at a two-day summit of European leaders in Prague.
The prime minister said on Facebook that he had represented Hungary’s position that an escalation of the conflict should be prevented and peace secured as quickly as possible. Despite current events, a ceasefire and talks should be launched, Orbán said, adding that he asked the leaders of the more powerful EU member states to engage in talks with a view to preventing a spread of the conflict.
On the subject of energy sanctions, the prime minister said Hungary had attained all its goals, noting that it had been granted exemptions from the parts of the eighth EU sanctions package that would have been harmful to the country. The latest sanctions package applies neither to Hungary’s gas supply nor to nuclear energy, and Hungary can continue upgrading its Paks nuclear power plant. Orbán said the member states had called on the European Commission to take immediate steps to bring down energy prices which had skyrocketed across the continent due to the sanctions imposed by the bloc.