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Major General Ferenc Kajári of the Hungarian Armed Forces finished his one-year term as the commander of NATO’s international peacekeeping troops in Kosovo (KFOR) on Monday. Kajári was the 26th head of the mission and the first Hungarian on the post. In an interview given to, Kajári said the situation was “calm” in the country, after protests in the north of Kosovo over the summer, where ethnic Serbs protested regulations making Kosovan license plates mandatory. The situation was defused thanks to the “responsible behaviour” of the Albanian and Serbian partners, he said. Belgrade and Pristina have been in talks to regulate issues between the two countries for years, Kajari said, calling on the governments to keep using those channels to avoid tensions “like the ones in July”.
Earlier in the year, the war in Ukraine brought tensions, but those have also abated by now, he said. KFOR is monitoring the situation carefully, and has seen no signs of security risks resulting from the war in the country, he said. Kajári said KFOR had protected peace and security in Kosovo in the past year as it did under previous commanders. The command will be taken over by Major General Angelo Michele Ristuccia of Italy.