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Supporters of the Tanítanék (I want to teach) and noÁr movements held a demonstration and concert in front of Parliament on Wednesday evening to “save education and the future of youth” and to show solidarity with teachers demanding higher pay and strike rights. Tanítanék founder Kata Törley called the government “arrogant and incapable of dialogue” and warned that an increasing shortage of teachers was threatening collapse in the sector. She insisted problems in education could not be resolved without restoring teachers’ right to strike and instant measures to improve teachers’ working conditions as well as a pay rise. Áron Molnár, founder of the noÁr movement, said the event was aimed at starting a strike fund for teachers. Roma activist László Glonczi said the right to strike was a fundamental one, and he called for joint action to demand a pay rise for teachers. Olivér Pilz, a Tanítanék co-founder, urged all trade unions to call a general strike to support teachers. Participants held up signs including “No teachers, no future” and chanted “Free country! Free education!”